Reach For the Stars

Grade 8 Collection - June 15-16

Schedule for WWMS 8th Grade Students June 15th and 16th 

In order to ensure social distancing and protect all students and staff, the following procedures and timelines must be followed: 

8th-grade students will need to return any school items including Chromebooks, text books, and library books. These collections will be conducted outside. They will have the opportunity to enter the school building to collect their own belongings from gym and hallway lockers, return their hallway locks and IDs. In addition, Promotion Pins, Ribbons, and T-shirts will be distributed to all 8th grade students. We also have a few surprises planned for our outgoing 8th grade class. Once inside the building, the process should take no more than 10 minutes. 

● Stations will be set up outside for item drop off. 

● All 8th graders will enter the building through the Modular Ramp. Students are to line up 6 feet apart and wait to enter. 

● Parents are not permitted to accompany students into the building. Please remain inside your vehicle and wait for your student to exit. 

● Please park in the Parent Parking Lot and wait for your child to exit the building. 

● What to bring: 

○ Mask/bandana (not permitted inside without one) 

○ Gloves (optional) 

○ Any textbooks, novels or library books needing to be returned 

○ Backpack or shopping bag for anything still remaining in PE or hall locker 

○ Pen or Pencil to complete any forms/ lock tags