Reach For the Stars

Grades 6 & 7 Collection - June 11-12

Schedule for WWMS Grade 6 & 7 Students June 11th and 12th 

In order to ensure social distancing and protect all students and staff, the following procedures and timelines must be followed: 

6th and 7th-grade students were sent a “Student Close Out” survey. They should have completed the survey to determine if they need to enter the building. The only reason to enter the building is if they need to retrieve belongings from their gym and/ or hall lockers. All other items will be processed by an outside drop off. For those students entering the building, the process should take no more than 5 minutes. Students will keep their Chromebooks for the summer and bring them back in September. 

Students who have previously removed their personal belongings from the school and have nothing to return should NOT come back on these days! 

● Stations will be set up outside for item drop off. 

● For students needing to enter the building they will enter through the Modular Ramp. Students are to line up 6 feet apart and wait to enter. 

● Parents are not permitted to accompany students into the building. Please remain inside your vehicle and wait for your student to exit. 

● Please park in the Parent Parking Lot and wait for your child to exit the building. 

● What to bring: 

○ Mask/bandana (not permitted inside without one) 

○ Gloves (optional) 

○ Any textbooks, novels or library books needing to be returned 

○ Backpack or shopping bag for anything still remaining in PE or hall locker 

○ Pen or Pencil to complete any forms/ lock tags 

Appointment Times for June 11th and June 12th will be assigned based on the Student Close Out Survey. That information for 6th and 7th grade will be forthcoming. 


*If belongings are not picked up by June 19, they will be disposed of for sanitary reasons.