Reach For the Stars

Artwork/Projects Retrieval

The abrupt shift from the physical Art room to the “Online Art Studio” means that there are many projects (completed or in-progress) still sitting in rooms 113 and 114. Unfortunately, there is no way to organize the hundreds of drawings, paintings, sculptures, and portfolios while still adhering to the required safety guidelines. Therefore, the following procedures will outline the process for art students to retrieve their work from this past school year.


8th Graders: 

All work will be organized by Mr. Romeo and Mrs. Molnar and delivered to JP Stevens in September, at which time Mrs. Paolello and the art staff there will allow students to collect their work according to the JPS procedures. If any students are not attending JP Stevens, please notify us so we can arrange for an alternate dropoff/pickup in the fall.

**The only exceptions are finished glazed sculptures. If your sculpture is still in the art room, it may carefully be collected from the rolling cart located in the art room.**


6th and 7th Graders:

All work will remain in the Art rooms at WWMS until the beginning of next school year. Completed work will then be returned, either through art class or separately (if any student is in a new elective next school year). Our ceramics unit was interrupted when we shifted to Remote Learning so our current plan is to complete that unit first before moving on to new work.


Please email us if you have any questions: