Reach For the Stars


All FALL 2024 Sports Require Athletic Paperwork:

Boys' Soccer, Girls' Soccer, Co-ed Cross Country and Girls' Volleyball


Deadline to submit paperwork:  Monday, June 3, 2024


Coaches will make announcements at lunches about tryouts and initial meetings/practices.


In order to try out and play a spring sport, all students must submit a completed Physical Form #14-A to the school nurse by June 3, 2024 in order to be cleared by the district doctor. If the student has a valid physical on file with the school nurse, you will only need to fill out and submit an updated Health History Update form. 


The most important registration document that needs immediate attention is the completion of a  "Sports Physical"- Form 14-A.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions regarding the validity of a physical, should be directed to the  Middle School Athletics Coordinator:
Additionally, ALL students must complete the Health History Update form and submit to Woodrow by June 3, 2024.
Please make sure the sport the student is interested in is at the top of each form. List only one sport per season. If, for example, a student tries out for a team and is not placed on the team, they would have the opportunity to join Cross Country (Track).


Medical Forms Information

The following forms are necessary in order for our district doctor to clear our athletes for participation in Interscholastic Sports.  When dropping off your form(s), please place your Physical (14A) and or Health History Update, in the appropriate container which will be located in the front of the school.

Important Dates to Remember:


You need to submit either Physical 14A and/or Health History Update for each season.

2024-2025 School Year

Fall Season - Due June 3, 2024

Winter Season - TBD

Spring Season - TBD


Complete, sign, date, print and bring the applicable forms to the school and place in the appropriate container.

  1. Athletic Physical Form 14A-Pages 1 & 2 are to be completely filled out and signed by a parent/guardian. Pages 3 & 4 must be filled out by the doctor.  The doctor must sign pages 3 and 4 and stamp page 4. Physicals are only valid for one calendar year and must be brought to the school no later than the date above.

  2. Health History Update FormHealth History Update Form must be completed if the date of the physical exam is more than 90 days prior to tryouts for the upcoming sports season. Bring the form to the school by the due date. It is important that the sport with which the student is interested in is indicated on this form.


  3. Asthma Action Plan, Severe Allergy Treatment Plan, and/or Medication Administration Form, The three forms listed in this section are completed only if the situation applies. For each, a portion is required to be completed by a physician and signed by the parent/guardian. Print, complete/sign and attach to Form 14A or the Health History Update Form. Medications of any kind, including over-the-counter medications such as Tylenol, Advil, eye drops, etc. will be administered only with a written order from a licensed physician and written request from by a parent/guardian. Medication orders must be on the district’s approved medication order form.

    Additionally, the Athletic Acknowledgement and Consent Form needs to be completed and brought to the first practice.