Reach For the Stars

Principal Jennifer Blevins

At Woodrow Wilson Middle School, we embrace the philosophy that our students' minds are not containers to be filled but rather fires to be kindled. Our school is a place where young adolescents are encouraged to explore who they are and what they can become. Many opportunities exist for students to achieve in a variety of areas and have their successes recognized by others. These opportunities are coupled with ones that help students form productive relationships with adult role models and their peers.

Our school's deserved reputation of academic excellence is the result of the conscientious, thoughtful efforts of the administration and teachers who incorporate recognized “Best Practices” and challenging school level plans into all aspects of learning. We are recognized as a high performing middle school based on our continued excellence on state performance indicators.

At this school’s core are interdisciplinary teams on each grade level. These teams, along with the other disciplines, provide our students with rich and varied learning experiences. We are an established one-to-one technology school. This has transformed instruction as students create tasks and products that were previously inconceivable. Our media center is also an inviting place in which classes gather to conduct research using the Internet and real time data. Another feature of our campus is our “outdoor” classroom. The outdoor classroom is used by science and mathematics teachers who guide our students to apply theory and concepts learned in the classroom to the living world that surrounds us.

We recognize in our students not only curiosity and intelligence but also many positive character traits. The Six Pillars of Character program is incorporated in all that we do. Our school continues to be a busy place long after the academic portion of the day ends. Students are involved in a variety of clubs, intramurals and interscholastic sports. We also invite our students to fulfill many prominent roles that contribute to our school’s sense of community. Our pupils make public address announcements, act as peer tutors, conduct orientation programs for our incoming sixth graders and students new to the school, and serve as peer mediators. The Student Government conducts many activities which our students enjoy, including dances, fundraisers, and student-faculty challenges. Community service projects are also gaining prominence at our school, helping students to make a difference in the lives of others.

Our school’s motto is “Reach for the Stars.” Woodrow Wilson Middle School’s administrators, parents, teachers and students, all strive to cultivate, accomplish, and express our very best, reaching beyond limitations toward excellence.